Antonella Laila Iannilli graduated from the Brera Academy of Fine Arts in Milan from which she draws a deep sensitivity and ability for shapes and colors. Artist in life, he is passionate about the design of scarves, for years he collaborates with luxury creations for an oriental fashion house remaining in the shadows and creating collections. In 2020, therefore, it is the passion that drives her to create her own brand and create the brand with the production of foulard dresses and accessories for high quality furnishings, true works of art: Laila Lago & C. by Iannilli Laila Antonella, a line with an intense creative force, capable of anticipating new trends, fascinated by the expressive potential of colors, which she enhances with her inspiration. Her artistic life and the countless exhibitions give her a heritage of suggestions that are reborn in the form of her extraordinary creations, the skilful use of colors and shapes on high quality fabrics gives rise to original luxury garments, for those who choose to be different. It focuses on chromatic innovation products that make even the most essential outfit expressive, refined and creative. Today she has the joy of donating her creations within the reach of every woman who wishes to experience the splendor of a creative and elegant universe, handcrafted, with refined materials. Her inspirations come from nature, and from life, aimed at renewing the idea that art is not something additional to fashion, but can transform a dress into a unique piece of rare elegance. With his collectible artistic scarves, his clothes, his accessories and fabrics for furnishings, he creates a refined style, imprinting a concept: art applied to fashion or design always gives a splendid dream to everyone. Let yourself be seduced by the collections enter the dream.

(All designs are created by Iannilli Laila Antonella)

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